1. How to become a member and get a forwarding address in the U.S. via the website AcheterAuxUSA.com?

2. What my AcheterAuxUSA.com address looks like ?

3. How can I use my forwarding address ? Is it available now?

4. What is USPS Form 1583 , Is it mandatory?

5. Do I pay extra taxes on my purchases on American sites?

6. What countries will AcheterAuxUSA.com ship to?

7. What type of goods can I buy?

8. Are there any limitations to using my AcheterAuxUSA.com address ?

9. What are the rates to use AcheterAuxUSA forwarding services ?

10. Does the price estimates include duties and customs fees?

1. How to become a member and get a forwarding address in the U.S. via the website AcheterAuxUSA.com?

The application process is done in two simple steps:

Step 1 Create your account . Specify your email address that will be used in our exchanges . Choose your password to be associated with this email address. The email address will be your login and your password will be used to connect to your account.
Step 2 Enter your shipping address . General information such as your name and shipping address are to be entered, they will be used to send you your products purchased in the United States.
Upon creating your account you will receive an email summarizing the information needed to log in to your account. The new personal address provided by AcheterAuxUSA.com is visible on your account. This is the address that you will use when shopping at American merchant sites.
2 . What my AcheterAuxUSA.com address  looks like ?

Your new address will be :
First Name: Your first name
Last Name : Your name
Address line 1 : Address
Address line 2: # XXXXX Number ( unique identifier)
City : Newark
State : DE or Delaware
Zip: 19702
Country : USA
3 . How can I use my forwarding address ? Is it available now?

As soon as you create your user account on your AcheterAuxUSA.com your personnal U.S. address is available. You can use it immediately on all U.S. commercial sites. Carriers such as UPS FEDEX , DHL, TNT are generally used as default carrier . If you want to use the USPS carrier, the mandatory form USPS 1583 should be mailed to us before using your AcheterAuxUSA.com American address.
4. What is USPS Form 1583 , Is it mandatory?

There are many transportation companies in the United States : DHL , FEDEX , UPS , USPS, TNT ... If you choose USPS, not to be confused with UPS when shopping at retail sites in the United States, mandatory form USPS 1583 must be completed, signed and returned to AcheterAuxUSA.com before using your new U.S. address. Without this document we will not receive your package and they will be automatically returned to the sender . Click here to download the USPS Form 1583 , a copy of your passport or driver's license shall be sent to us by mail or by E-mail.
Thank you to complete and return it to us using the following information :

1) Date
2) Set "Buy the USA "
3) Full address which you have been assigned , the information is available on your account page on the site AcheterAuxUSA.com.
4 ) Give the full address that has been assigned
5) Set "Yes"
6) Your name
7) Your address and telephone number
8) 2 types of identification : identity card , driving license or passport
16) your signature
5. Do I pay extra taxes on my purchases on American sites?

In the United States the products you buy are displayed excluding tax, the tax is calculated at the end of your order. According to the destination address, the fees may be higher: for example if you buy a pair of Nike and have them delivered to New York , California, Florida a tax on average of 7% will be added to the total price of your order. Your AcheterAuxUSA.com personal address is located in Delaware. This state is exempt from taxes! Delaware is known in the United States to be a " tax free " , so no tax is to be added.
6 . What countries will AcheterAuxUSA.com ship to?

We can ship to most countries in the world, look on the "Shipping calculator" page to see all available countries.
7 . What type of goods can I buy?

Our services are exclusively reserved for objects of small and medium size.
The maximum size of your package for most countries (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Canada...) shall not exceed: a maximum length of 60 inch (150 cm), and the total maximum size of 106 inch (270 cm) (Length + Girth <106 inch)
For Dom-Tom (Reunion Island, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe...) shall not exceed: a maximum length of 36 inch (90 cm), and the total maximum size of 79 inch (200 cm) (Length + Girth <79 inch) .

The total weight of your package shall not exceed: 40lbs (18 Kilos) . 
We can keep your packages up to 30 days and you can consolidate up to 20 packages.

Verify that the goods you send are permitted.
Examples of prohibited products :
- The dual civilian and military use ( technologies that can be used for civilian and military) , war material , weapons, their components parts and ammunition.
- National treasures and cultural assets .
- Narcotics.
- Batteries .
- The psychotropic drugs for human use , organs, tissues and cells of the human body , gametes from the human body, blood products , artificial and natural sources of radionuclides.
- Perfume or cologne , nail polish
- Goods presented under a counterfeit form .
- Waste, including radioactive waste.
- Objects with pornographic images or representations.
- Live animals and animal products.
- Flea or flea sprays necklaces.
- Mercury thermometers .
- Aerosols .
- Plants and plant products.
- Pool chemicals .
- Cleaning products .
- Paints.
- Battery .
- Fuel or gasoline .
- Fireworks.
- Etc ...
This list is not exhaustive.
See details at: usps.com .
You can contact us to make sure that your goods will be accepted before using your U.S. address . Unauthorized goods are automatically destroyed or returned to the sender. Costs associated with transportation are your responsibility .
8. Are there any limitations to using my AcheterAuxUSA.com address ?

Your personal U.S. address should only be used for the purchase of products defined in paragraph 7 . This address must not be used for subscription services , such as magazines, internet service, electronic download , registration , or bank account. the maximum value of the package shall not exceed $ 2,500.

9. What are the rates to use AcheterAuxUSA forwarding services ?

You can estimate the total cost of our services via the cost simulator.
10. Does the price estimates include duties and customs fees?

Although our rates include the cost of shipping and handling, you are responsible for shipping duties and customs . AcheterAuxUSA.com is not responsible for delays in delivery due to customs clearance . For more information visit the local regulations of customs .